Thursday, December 08, 2011

Addition Through Subtraction {Day 6}

Day 6: What have you let go of this year? {the need to understand everyone else's noise} And what has that subtraction added to your life? {a little more peaceful silence}

a bird is my muse and her name is silence.

she makes her nest in inconvenient places
and i have to track her down and remind her
that her home should be with me.

i look her in the eye and i search for truth.
i expect her to look back at me and
we wait to see who will blink first.

i want to be a teller of truths.
sad and quick.

i follow her flights
and i write what she tells me
on the palms of my hands.

sometimes these truths fade
and sometimes they get mixed into
all the lifelines that crisscross
like star paths in the evening sky.

i mark the curves of the universe
and i hold my palms open
waiting for the all that is real to appear

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