Friday, December 09, 2011

Ordinary Joy {day 7}

Angel in the Window by piketanya
Angel in the Window, a photo by piketanya on Flickr.

Day 7: Take us back to a day this year that you experienced joy.

I thought of quite a few days this past year that joy found me. The morning we did our first positive pregnancy test. The afternoon I was sure I got the new job and could barely see to drive through my tears. Watching Samson play in the water at Donnell Pond. Seeing the cardinal on the roof and watching him, watching me.

I know lots of people who are busy chasing joy.

I try to let joy find me. But I have to pay attention.

It usually finds me in the ordinariness.

It finds me in the kitchen making dinner and noticing the scent of the tomatoes when they are ripe and good. It finds me in the dancing snowflakes illuminated only in the streetlights in front of our house at night. It finds me in the muddy footprints of a dog, so excited to come in and get his bone that he can't wait to get his feet wiped off. It finds me in the silence of a flickering candle. It finds me in a song.

And ordinary joy found me one day, late in the summer, driving home with a car full of dogs tired from the park. We passed a country church and out of the corner of my eye I saw an angel with her back to the window. She looked so beautiful and yet so perfectly mundane.

I wondered what she was waiting for, standing there in the window like that.

Maybe it was to show us joy.

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