Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seven Small Things #120 - 126

{the birthday girl! happy birthday carol!}

120. Surprise birthday parties!

121. Finishing Rob Bell's new book Love Wins. Ought to be recommended reading for everyone who has opinions on Christianity and Christians. Ought to be required reading for every one who calls him/herself a "christian." {don't even get me started on how Baptists ought to read this one. . .}

122. For the sound of the wind in the trees.

123. Finding one piece of gum in the car when you desperately need it.

124. Getting the go-ahead from the doctor to try again. His words of warning – you were extremely lucky to get pregnant on your first try. Don't assume it will happen again.

125. Coffee.

126. That Gabby Giffords will be there tomorrow to watch her husband take off in his final mission on the space shuttle. You go girl.

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