Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seven Small Things #113 - 119

113. It's well documented that Samson hates thunder. It's also well documented that Oliver is possessive of what's "his." This morning we had thunder and lightening. Samson needed a place to go. This is Oliver's crate. . . That is Samson's stress drool all over Oliver's back. . . Oliver doesn't seem concerned about anything. . .

114. Lectio Divina and interesting people to share it with.

115. Pizza when you don't want to cook.

116. Sitting down together and compiling a list of questions for the doctor, mostly because I can't go along for the appointment.

117. Tiny flowers, in tiny vases, picked from your garden.

118. A benadryl, for when I need a little extra help sleeping through the night.

119. The dog hair on the floor, the dirty windows, the mud and the dust. . . because it means we have a home.

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Marie said...

Thanks for that last one. Great perspective.