Monday, December 27, 2010


I only get to travel on rare occasion, although I enjoy it very much. {no extra spendy-spendy} I am also mostly a hermit by nature. I don’t get out much, mostly by choice. But since I was very, very young I have traveled to many places.

I read.

Places of the heart and places of the wild. Places I would never want to visit, and places I yearn to explore. Places that exist and places that I wish did not.

I have traveled this world, and several others, fallen down more than one rabbit hole, lived more lives than I can count.

While other kids played baseball and war and all the other games of childhood, most often I could be found on the porch or on the couch, with a book or three or four. I read cereal boxes and milk jugs. I read in the backseat of cars and sitting in trees that I climbed. I would have taken my book to the dinner table had my parents allowed.

I still read but I am more discerning about the places I go now. If I begin a journey and I am not enjoying myself, I go back home and choose another.

Words have always been my favorite mode of travel.

Next year, I think there will be more words flowing through my mind, through my fingers, through my veins.

And I can't wait to see where they take me.

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