Monday, December 27, 2010

6:36 ~ December 27, 2010

An idea to force me to take at least one picture every day – every evening at 6:36 I am going to try to take just one snapshot of whatever is going on. I don't take as many photos as I would like because I feel like each one needs to be "perfect." {whatever that means.} Consequently, I have lots of photos that are nice, but not many of just day to day activities and single moments in time. I hope there will be no pressure with the 6:36 Project. Just a single snapshot. Of life.

{Oliver getting a new, clean shirt to cover his incision and stitches}


Ami said...

How did you decide on 6:36?
Just curious.

I love the idea, though... same time every day, what's going on... kind of like reading over a journal for the illiterate. Ha.

I am not illiterate. My parents were married.

Frank Wilson said...

Good luck with the 6:36 project. Be careful . . . that pad stuff can drive you crazy some days

Tanya said...

Ami - Someone else, far more creative than I, started taking a photo at 8:36 every evening. I liked the idea but knew that at 8:36 most evenings I either a) sitting on the couch contemplating going to bed or b) getting ready for bed.

And nobody wants to see that, including me. So, 6:36 just sounded a little more interesting!