Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Year

It's been another year on Facebook and I still really enjoy it. I don't update as often as I used to but I still love the feeling of connectedness that comes with knowing what people that I care about are up to. I like to read statuses of people that I rarely see and live far away and get just a tiny glimpse into a single moment of their lives. {and if you're reading this and on facebook, and never update your status, shame on you. . .it's half the fun of it for the rest of us!}

I've reconnected with people from elementary school, one of whom now works on Broadway and is gay. Oh, if only we had known then and could have helped each other through the hard times. But, as we both agree – It Gets Better.

So here's my annual miscellaneous collage of status updates. It's a random generator kind of thing but I like what it chose and created for me. {and if you're reading this and NOT on facebook, go get an account. it's free. it's fun. and i like knowing what you're up to!}

Happy Weekend! {and if you're in Ohio, go get milk and be like the rest of the herd. it's supposed to snow you know!}

*edited to add: Just went and looked at last year's status collage {it's here}. still haven't signed off on that big, brown house in the 'hood. . .


Frank Wilson said...

Just sent you a friend request. Glad you "suggess" it this morning. I'm not kidding. That is the non-word.

Ami said...

I have facebook, sort of. I get in touch with people I want to talk to, give them my email address and deactivate the damn thing.

It just feels too much like high school. Superficial and lonely.

But that's me.

I do update my status on gmail, though.