Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kumquats on a Winter Morning

{kumquats in a coffee cup}

:: feeling adventurous in the produce section of Meijers yesterday, we bought kumquats

:: eating one is like encountering the sweetness of sour

:: they take me to sunny skies and warm breezes, especially on snowy Sunday mornings

:: you eat them whole, discreetly spitting out the seeds

:: they are the antithesis of oranges - the peel is sweet and delectable while the flesh and juice make your mouth curl

:: kumquats are an "either/or" fruit. Either the intense flavor either makes you want another one (that's me) or it makes you wish you'd never tasted the first one (that's Ali!)


Frank Wilson said...

I'm in Ali's camp on this one.

Frank Wilson said...

Very nice photography. I like your depth of field.