Monday, December 13, 2010


It’s that time of year, the holiday decorations are going up,
everywhere I look there are twinkling lights and sparkles and,
with just-perfect timing, snow.

Yesterday nature decorated the outside.
We've already taken care of the inside.

Dancing snowflakes flitted, slowly drifting down

in grays and blues
that shifted into white
on the sleeping beds of summer.

Jack Frost painted the windows while we slept.

Soon, I will be dreaming of green, because I will miss it.

Soon, I will long for color in my little corner of the world.

Soon, I will grow tired of the cold and wish to feel the sun on my face.

But before that I will enjoy the sparkling lights

and the scent of pine

as I fill the house with pretty things
and love and gratitude
and giving.

But this morning
there is this outside my living room window,

reminding me to stop every so often
breathe in the white stillness.

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