Sunday, December 18, 2011

Loathing: In Perspective {Day 13}

Day 13: Who or what did you loathe in 2011 and how have you expressed it? {i try to make it a practice not to get too involved with things that bring out loathing. . . but here goes.}

Loathed: {kind of a strong word, don't you think?}
The financial industry in general - corporate banks in particular
Corporate Boards of Director and most CEO's
Television - If you don't count sports, I watch less than an hour a week.

Strongly Disliked:
the Republican party
the Tea Party
Fox News - I only get my news from NPR
Bitterness - in people, not food (see: Republicans, Tea Party and Fox News)

Going to the doctor

Just Found to be Bothersome:
The Democratic party (see: nonchalance)
A cough that wouldn't go away
Dogs and mud - when combined in my kitchen
Organized religion (see: Corporate Boards of Director and CEO's)

Pet Peeves:
Wasting time
Mean people
Bad grammar

Squeamish About:
Dead squirrels
Vomit (mostly the noise that comes just before the vomit, if I'm being specific)

The Bane of my Existence:
A dirty kitchen floor (see: dogs and mud)
Middle age spread
Getting up too early (see: insomnia)
Loathing (see: wasting time)

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