Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Five Guilty Pleasures {Reverb 11 : Day 4}

{i had trouble finding things i feel guilty about. . .so mostly, these are just pleasures. . .except for number 5!}

1. I start every day by waking up and finding Sammy at the foot of the bed. He feels me stirring and wiggles his way up to lay tightly up against my body with his head on my chest. I spend the first five minutes of my day petting and him and scratching his ears and generally bonding with him before our collective six feet hit the floor for the first time in the morning. I read somewhere that doing something that brings quiet joy adds to the symphony of the universe. In these moments I hear music.

2. Sometimes I complain about being up at 4:30 in the morning but secretly I like it. I enjoy the solitude of spending the first few hours of the day alone. In the spring and summer I can't wait to have coffee on the porch, watching the sun rise and listening to the birds wake and sing.

3. Drinking orange juice straight out of the carton, with the refrigerator door still open. {it tastes sweeter that way}

4. Homemade peppermint and eucalyptus soap. It makes me smile every morning in the shower, not only because it smells heavenly, but because I made it myself. Making soap is like cooking on steroids - you get to wear elbow length, extra heavy duty gloves and goggles!

5. Nutella {need I say more?}

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