Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Violet Honey

A "Recipe"

1. Notice that your front yard is freckled with tiny little violets.

2. Wonder what you could do with them.

3. Remember that someone you know wrote on Facebook a year ago that she turned them into violet honey.

4. Fail to find her instructions because you are too lazy to wade through an entire year's worth of wall posts.

5. Wing it.

6. Take a bowl and your girlfriend and go sit in the yard.

7. Carefully run your fingers up the stem of the violet until just the blossom pops off.

8. Fill a bowl.

9. Marvel at the description your girlfriend gives when she says, "Looks like you already cleaned out that little scrabble over there!"

10. Cover your violets with approximately twice as much honey as blossoms.

11. Warm the honey gently on the stove.

12. Let it sit overnight.

13. Warm it again and strain it.

14. Be amazed at the delicate color and the most subtle flavored honey ever.

15. Eat it on warm, homemade scones and smile!

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