Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seven Small Things #106 - 112

106. That giant yellow orb in the sky. . . I think it's called a sun??

107. Being so busy at work today I completely lost all track of time.

108. Drinking the first mint from my garden steeped in a tall glass of iced coffee.

109. For all the good memories I have of spending time with R. He's going to be staying permanently in the nursing home so my time with him is finished. My heart hurts.

110. That I didn't get caught wearing my flip-flops to clean the warehouse tonight. I forgot to take my closed-toed shoes so I just acted like everything was hunky-dory. And it was!

111. For little dogs who retrieve. Until they are worn out.

112. Taking the long way home tonight just so I could take a picture. It will be here in the morning! =)

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