Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lord Have Mercy! Have You Heard?

Lord have mercy! Have you heard?

Bell bottoms are back. . .

Be still my Marcia Brady wanna-be heart. I haven't been this excited about a fashion trend since practically living for three or four full years in my circa 1976 baseball t-shirt that sported a full color rainbow. {oh, if i only knew then what i know now about those damn rainbows.}

Anyhoo. . .mine was earthtones and had brown sleeves but I couldn't find an image of that one. Sigh. I loved that shirt.

They say that you're too old to wear a trend like bell bottoms if you wore them the first time around. That makes me kind of sad. But I've been know to wear white after Labor Day so I may throw caution to the wind and sew me up a pair of these.

They will either make me look awesomely cool {or whatever the terminology of the day is} or I will look like one of those middle aged ladies you see at the pool wearing a leopard print cover-up and gold sandals.

Just thinking about bell bottoms reminds me of my favorite outfit of all time. Grass green, wide wale corduroy pants {bell bottoms of course!}, a button up shirt that was beige and covered in 3-inch circles, all different colors {earthtones I think}, all unified by a bright orange knit sweater vest. {as if bright orange can unify anything!} I wore those pants OUT and I remember being so sad when I had to give that outfit up. I think it may have been the first complete ensemble I ever picked out for myself. {shocking i know. my fashion sense is still intact all these years later!}

All this fashion thought has made me a bit nostalgic. I sat here this morning searching the internet for a new 1970's inspired rainbow t-shirt. I thought it might ease the ache over the one I outgrew and didn't understand all those years ago. I might have found the perfect one. . . but, damn, they don't take special orders.

I seriously would need one with the rainbows just a skosh lower. . .

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Ha! Ha! Oh,that's great!