Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Brought To You By The Letter P

a loose transcription of a text message conversation with Delilah's dog trainer

me:: so. . .oliver took delilah down in the backyard today. she rolled over on her back to signal her submission and he lifted his leg and peed on her. . . diagnosis dr. d??

jd:: well. . .1. she pissed him off for the last time. 2. he is telling her she is low dog on the totem pole.

me:: should we allow such crass behavior in our backyard? lol! do you think she got the message?

jd:: probably went over her head. . .or on it! lol! i'd like to think she's learning. . .

me:: so would i. . .but alas, i'm not too hopeful.

jd:: she's young. don't give up. just like us, some are a little slower! hang on to hope.

me:: ok. but soon i may have to adopt oliver's strategy!

this message has been cheerfully brought to you by the letter p! happy tuesday!

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