Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vignette :: Just In Case I Ever Wondered If I Am Loved

Scene: Yesterday was very snowy and the roads were terrible. Ali picked me up for lunch. As we were making our way back to my work she turned left in front of a lot of oncoming traffic. We slid just a little bit.

Ali:: Oops!! Maybe I should have slowed down a little more before turning that corner!

Me:: Ya think??

Ali:: We could have slid right into that person's front yard! {slight pause} Or the cars coming towards us could have run into us. . .and if they had done that they would have hit your side of the car. . . {she seemed somewhat concerned and that made me feel kind of good. . .}

Ali:: And if they had hit your side of the car you could have gotten hurt! And if you had gotten hurt it would have been really, really bad. . .there wouldn't be anyone to cook me dinner!!

{both of us laughing}

Me:: You know that's going to end up on the blog don't you??

Ali:: That's not fair! Don't I get a say in what goes on the blog?? Don't you have to get my permission or something??

Me:: Of course you have a say! Just quit saying shit like that and I won't write it down!!

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random thougths said...

Ahh... true love. But who's gonna fix me dinner? lol