Tuesday, January 11, 2011

6:36 ~ January 11, 2011

{i'm coming to the revelation that my life is incredibly dull. this really isn't news to me, but since i've been attempting to take a photo every night at 6:36 it's really been brought home. there are only so many ways i can photograph my supper. so, rather than abandon the project as i am wont to do when the going gets rough, i will make it a photo a day. and if i haven't taken anything by 6:36 you'll just have to endure my frosted flakes or spinach quiche.

the above photo was an experiment in the snowfall this afternoon. i wanted to try to focus on the flakes that were flying fast and furious, and let the human in the composition blur out. i think it might have been a bit more successful if the flakes had been a little bigger. and had not been coming down like small torpedos out of the sky. whatever happened to lazy flakes??}

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Frank Wilson said...

Wise move on the change to picture-a-day but even that can be difficult at times. Tonight, in desperation, I threw down a handful of coins and took my shot. Good luck!