Sunday, January 30, 2011

Right Now

Right now, I am. . .

wanting :: to be rid of this sort of self-imposed silence. i guess waiting, hoping, praying and wondering get in the way of real words.

loving :: that yesterday we had a day of total relaxation – Netflix movies, naps and a fun evening celebrating our friend Bob's birthday.

wondering :: what Thursday will bring.

feeling :: grateful for a bowl of sunny oranges and grapefruits on our table. we got an inexpensive juicer last weekend and have put it to great use.

enjoying :: whole wheat muffins made with the pulp of carrots and oranges that are left after juicing.

smiling :: that Delilah/Kukla also enjoyed the whole wheat muffins yesterday. she stole one off the counter while they were cooling but wasn't smart enough to hide her bounty. she jumped up on the couch beside me to try to savor her snack!

shivering :: with just a little bit of joy at the thought of a foot or more of snow this week! could it be a snow day on Wednesday in Ohio?

enjoying :: the scent of warm clothes fresh out of the dryer.

rejoicing :: that i'm losing a few pounds a week. lots of fresh fruit and veggies. lots of whole wheat. a little less sugar.

planning :: meals for this week. right now there are eggs being hard boiled, brown rice being simmered and tortilla soup on the stove.

wishing :: for a week full of peace, joy and kindness.

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