Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Number 800, Marmalade, Drugs and Babies {Not Necessarily In That Order}

Today marks 800 posts on this little corner of the internet. I accidentally noticed it yesterday and now it feels like some kind of little milestone. What started on a whim, over four years ago has gathered 800 mostly useless discourses from me and a staggering 24,123 visits and 35,799 page views from you.

At first, I had planned to write about kumquat marmalade today. {i made a batch and even took pictures.} And then I realized that I should at least acknowledge 800 days of usual and customary foolishness.

And then we were hit with our first round of disappointment in the baby-making quest. Life was quickly brought back into focus. What was hazy and silly and inconsequential was suddenly replaced by what was razor-sharp and clear – that nothing is predictable and not much in life is ever easy. {and in truth, i wouldn't want it to be}

It's not a permanent set-back. Just at least another month of waiting. There is a possibility that we will be ordering drugs from England at the suggestion of our doctor. {what costs $75 a dose in the United States costs $15 a dose in England. . .and we could need 50 doses. . .don't get me started on healthcare in this country. . .}

As I contemplated marmalade, writing, babies, drugs and blogs I came to understand and remember why I do this almost every day. Because life is about all of this. The little moments of silliness. The seconds of anger and disappointment. The hours of pleasure. The times of boredom and restlessness. The stretches of normalcy and the flashes of brilliance that we all encounter.

I just happen to want to remember mine. So, I write.

And, for some unknown reason, you read.

A friend of mine on Facebook wrote something that I read the other day and has stuck with me ever since. He said, "I'm blessed beyond belief in this life. If I die today I want all my family and friends to know I enjoyed every second of it." I don't know that I could say I've enjoyed every second of my life, but it's pretty damn close. {at least more than half anyway. . .}

I can say that I've enjoyed writing every one of the 800 pieces of foolishness that I've posted here. And from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for reading.

Here's to at least 8 more.


Frank Wilson said...

Congratulations on your milestone. For some "known" reason I read your blog each day. It makes me swell up with pride to be counted among your friends. THANK YOU!

Marie said...

Umm, wow! I need to read more often. We're so excited for the two of you and your journey. Prayers for the next try. We love you!