Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kumquat Goddess

I always thought marmalade came from a jar, bought from a store and that there was something magical and out of the reach of average home cooks. {baloney!}

Imagine my surprise when I realized there is absolutely nothing to it! All you need is fruit, water, sugar and a little patience! Knowing we were not going to eat the kumquats we bought last weekend I tried a little experiment – with delicious success! {think what an amazing Christmas present a jar of kumquat marmalade would be. . .you would be heralded as a god/goddess of the kitchen and no one would know you spent 15 minutes performing such magic!}

Instructions so simple even a child could follow them:

1. Slice up your kumquats, removing as many seeds as possible. Put them in a bowl.

2. Pour in 4 cups of water. Let sit for 24 hours.

3. Pour in a pan and boil until the kumquats are tender - about 20 minutes.

4. Pour back into your bowl and let it sit for another 24 hours.

5. Pour back into your pan and add 1 1/2 cups of sugar. Boil for about 45 minutes, until it begins to change color and get thick.

6. Pour into a smaller bowl or jar. Eat on toast. {homemade whole wheat bread toast is divine. i have the world's easiest recipe - no kneading! ask me if you want it and i will share!}

A pint container of kumquats at Meijers – $2.49

A jar of homemade kumquat marmalade, being regarded as a god/goddess of your kitchen, winning friends and influencing people this Christmas – priceless!

* it's now confession time - I boiled mine a bit too long and it's too "sturdy" to spread easily. Learn from my mistake and don't let yours get quite as dark as mine and you will be fine! =)

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