Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Reverse Life List

A few things I've done in my life that wish to Never. Do. Again. This is kind of a reverse life list. But, on the bright side. . .we're never too old to learn!

:: Colored my hair red.
:: Broken my baby toe on a kitchen chair.
:: Slept in a leaky tent in the rain.
:: Had my car break down on I-75, an hour from home, at midnight, all alone.
:: Made my mother cry.
:: Gotten the chickenpox.
:: Cried myself to sleep.
:: Over-reacted to stuff that didn't matter.
:: Ate a sandwich that made me very, very sick. I remember it clearly because it was the night that Lady Diana died.
:: Heard that George Bush was President. Twice.
:: Took a dog to the Humane Society and dropped her off.
:: Chopped two lives into "before" and "after."
:: Bought uncomfortable shoes because someone else thought they were "cute."
:: Gotten a registered letter in the mail asking for my resignation. It was signed by a dozen of my closest friends.
:: Lost a friend to sheer laziness.
:: Broken my arm. And my shoulder.
:: Dated someone in college who I was totally in love with who didn't love me back.
:: Cleaned up vomit. In a urinal. (Urinals and I just don't really get along.)
:: Adopted a cat.

How about you. What's on your list?


Nancy said...

Ahh... the third one is one of my funniest memories in life. :-)

Tanya said...

Mine too! However, I wish to never repeat it. . .funny or not! =)

Frank Wilson said...

Never again forget the wisdom of Carole King, "You can't talk to a man who don't wanna understand." May I never again waste my breath on a Republican. I keep forgetting they will ALWAYS fail the Good Samaritan test. ALWAYS . . . ALLWAYS.