Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meeting Roger

{one-sided conversation, overheard from the kitchen last night}

Hi Roger. My name is Ali.

I would like you to know that I have the power to kill you if I wanted to. {slight pause; my assumption is so Roger can absorb that fact; or perhaps argue it out with her}

Oh, yes. . . I could. . . but I'm choosing not to. I'm going to let you live. See, here's the deal. I let you live and you leave me alone. {slight pause; my assumption is that she's giving him time to agree to the deal}

It was nice to meet you Roger. Now that we've formally met, I can't possibly kill someone with a name. {and everyone went on about their business}

{She's right. . .how many vegetarians would there be in this world if, before killing and eating them, we had to look the animals in the eyes?}

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Anonymous said...

I love red meat especially those named Howie, my dairy feeders/cows/dinners. Yummo!