Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Barn and The Moon

We had drumming circle again last night. There is much that I really enjoy and find thought provoking about Native American spirituality. There is also much that I am beginning to find uncomfortable, but I think that comes from specific people in the group and not so much from the way the circle is being led and presented. There are several people in the group who are deep into spiritual healing of physical brokenness and this makes me uneasy. Too often the language and behaviors of these "healers" blames the victim, particularly if they are not healed and made whole immediately.

But, maybe this is all just me. And. . .it's good for me to sit in a circle and be exposed to things I don't agree with, right? {nodding appropriately}

Last night we did several meditations that are still with me this morning. One was brought forth by a member of the group who I find fascinating. She's older, with fun and funky grey hair and is full of a kind of magnetic energy that I enjoy being around. We were meditating on the season of Thanksgiving and the fact that fall is a time of letting go of the things in our lives that no longer serve us well when Suzanne gave us the following quote to think about –

my barn burnt – now i can see the moon

The more I thought about this image the more I was moved by its truth. How many big, devastating events have happened in my life? {Many} How many of those big, devastating events eventually made room for growth and new life in unexpected ways? {All. . . maybe not in ways I expected – or even wanted – but growth came anyway.}

And then the inevitable questions come for me to sit with in silence today –

What am I missing because I'm focused on the close-up, minute, negligible concerns of my small life? The vastness and power of creation?

This is why I continue to explore God through Native American drumming circle. . .

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