Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's Make A Deal

{one of my primary responsibilities with R. is to make sure he shaves on a regular basis. i'm encountering some resistance on this front so i decided to take a different approach last night.}

setting: R.'s kitchen. He's eating. We're talking about the tasks he would like me to do – mop the kitchen floor, clean out his "icebox" and clean out his shower. {and yes, it took me a good 45 seconds to remember that lots of older people still call the refrigerator an icebox!}

Me: Hey, ya' know what? While I mop the kitchen floor tonight maybe you could go in the bathroom by yourself and shave.

R.: Naaaah.

Me: Why not? You go back to work tomorrow morning. Don't you want to look nice?

R.: Naaaah.

Me: You haven't shaved in three days. You really need to do it.

R.: {not even looking up from his frozen dinner} Naaaah.

Me: How about we make a deal? While I do what you want – mop the kitchen floor – you do what I want – shave?

R.: How about this deal? I really liked that brownie you brought me last week.

Me: {incredulous when i realized what was going on} Seriously?? If I bring you a brownie, you'll go shave tonight?? I don't have any brownies. . .but I do have a pot of soup. Do you like soup?

R.: nodding his affirmation

Me: It's a deal. Are you going to shave?

R.: I'll think about it.

Me: Excuse me?

R.: I'll think about it!

Me: {thinking to myself, "You're gonna get your skinny little butt into that bathroom and shave in exchange for a bowl of soup Mister!" while actually saying –} Has anyone ever told you that you're a stinker??

R.: Yeah, I've heard that before. . .

Epilogue – he shaved. i mopped. and there's a bowl of soup with his name on it in my icebox right now!

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NR said...

Well, that didn't take long to determine who actually runs the show...