Saturday, September 04, 2010

How Is This Helpful To Anyone?

I struggled mightily to come up with a title for this photograph. I was so outraged when I saw it I nearly caused a wreck trying to pull over so I could take the picture.

Some contenders for the title:

"Are You F*ing Kidding Me?"
"The Reason People Make Fun of Christians"
"Why I Struggle To Stay"

Feel free to play along in the comments!


Frank Wilson said...

I once heard it said, "The Church is the only army in the world that shoots their wounded."

Frank Wilson said...

"Who is Earl"

Kudos 2 U said...
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Kudos 2 U said...

Thought of you again with this one. Don't know who makes these up. (Sorry for the deletion of the previous post, computer malfunction)