Thursday, September 09, 2010

God Wants To Use You

Setting: Our living room. Ali was working on a jigsaw puzzle and I was watching reruns of Without A Trace on television. We had been discussing that we both wanted a snack. My craving was specific - caramel popcorn, which we didn't have. Ali's was banana ice cream - recipe here. I wasn't interested in making it because it dirties the food processor and I didn't feel like washing it.

A: I want some 'naner ice cream.

T: Go make yourself some.


T: What are you doing?

A: I'm praying to my God.

T: What are you praying for?

A: That God will use you to make my prayer come true. I want YOU to make me 'naner ice cream!

T: Are you kidding me?

A: No. I'm not kidding you. God wants to use you!


T: What are you laughing about?

A: I'm funny. I like that about me. . .

Yeah. I like that about you too. . .


Ami said...

Did you make the ice cream?

Tanya said...

Nope! ;)