Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Found A Lie

I found a lie inside my heart.
It said that the body of Christ didn't matter.

It said that only the blood -
Only that elusive spirit of Jesus
would be enough
for the absolution for my soul.

And I could do that much on my own.

So I chased that mist
which was breathed and blown
by the movement of the wind.

I chased the dance
of his creative soul.


Then I realized
that grace is never about giving
me what I want. . .

That's a silent hallelujah.

So all I want to say is this -

Don’t give up
on this thing called church.
This body of Christ -
It's as simple as a gathering of hearts across the distance.

It is more than sitting and standing and unanimous voices of song.
And it is more than fancy words.

Life will continue in its

But there is glory. There is love,

and this,
this body of Christ,

it is a Good God’s dream.

{written after a long struggle to find my place in a faith community - and to celebrate becoming a covenant member of Journey at Christ Church}

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