Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pass It On

{i wrote a note to my friend Frank Wilson, who photographed the We Are the 99% protests in Findlay, telling him i had used his photo without permission and asking him if he wanted me to take it down. this is his response. and his answer is one the reasons he's my friend.}

"I'm thrilled you used my photo. I wish I knew her name. I wish I could sit down with her and connect with some of that long lost energy. I watched (and photographed) as she made her own sign. GREED was her idea and her creation. When finished, she jumped into the bed of the truck . . . but this was not good enough for this girl . . . she went for the rail. You ever try to balance yourself like that? Don't try. Balanced on the rail . . . and with her dirty knees from being on the groud making the sign . . . she reaches as high as her arms can reach and thrusts her message for all to see. The sign says GREED but the picture says FREEDOM. When I saw it I thought of that famous scene in the movie "Titanic" where whats-her-name is stretched out from the bow of the ship as if she is flying. You know the one? I knew in an instant I had my picture for the day and much, much more. No, don't take it down . . . . PASS IT ON!"

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