Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Seven Small Things #197 - 203

197. That I did not design this billboard. Whoever that designer is, s/he is having a bad day.

198. That when Delilah threw up on the bed this morning Ali was in it and I wasn't!

199. I'm thankful that people in our community who need assistance often have a case manager who goes the extra mile, even though it means that this evening it's just me and the mutts.

200. For cruising past two hundred with no repeats!

201. For a project that's pushing me to learn more. I'm much better at Photoshop than I am at Illustrator.

202. That there are Coconut Hershey Kisses. Just a couple will satisfy a chocolate craving.

203. For a new book waiting to be started right now!

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