Sunday, May 08, 2011

Seven Small Things #183 - 189

183. Homemade breakfast sandwiches :: one toasted everything bagel, one fried egg, two pieces of bacon, one slice of cheddar cheese. . .better than anything at any fast food restaurant I can think of!

184. A slight sunburn on my face and arms. I got my dose of Vitamin D today.

185. Our valiant attempt to keep Delilah from being able to jump the fence. It isn't pretty, but it sort of seems to be working. {not holding my breath though}

186. Ali's first softball games of the year. A double header. They won both. She made the play of the game diving and making a rolling catch in left field.

187. A really, really good weekend.

188. That trees suddenly have leaves they didn't seem to have even yesterday.

189. For laughter. And giggles. And simple smiles.

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