Saturday, May 07, 2011

Seven Small Things #176 - 182

176. The first flea market of the season in Tiffin. I love shooting the flea market because there is such a wide variety of subject matter. For some reason I am drawn to things that just touch the edges of creepy. {more of these to come soon. . . i heart these!}

177. Amish fried pies you can only find at the flea market. I got lemon and raisin!

178. Playing in the dirt and getting all our annuals planted. The front of our house looks really good right now!

179. Helichrysum italicum a.k.a. Curry Plant. We found some at the greenhouse yesterday. It isn't what curry is made from, but just brushing up against this plant makes my mouth water!

180. Waking up before dawn and quietly listening to the birds singing in the trees before getting out of bed.

181. That it rained very gently just after we finished planting yesterday. Nothing like not having to water your new stuff!

182. That my cold is finally making it's exit. Slowly but surely.


random thougths said...

Is the clown a cast iron bank? Would so love to add that to my collection of

Tanya said...

It is! I didn't see a price though!