Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Seven Small Things #155 - 161

155. That in spite of a headache, sore throat and general malaise, I got a big project mostly done and off my desk at work today.

156. For the grace of skipping Bible study when you're sick, even though you can't skip work.

157. How happy dandelions look, popping their heads up all over the yard.

158. Hearing the first ice cream truck roll down our street tonight playing Music Box Dancer.

159. Remembering that I played Music Box Dancer at my fifth (?) grade piano recital.

160. Hearing J. Vernon McGee on the radio in the guardhouse tonight. When I was about 12 my mother would make us come inside during summer vacation and make us listen to Thru The Bible with Dr. J. Vernon McGee on the radio. It was pure. torture. to. listen. to. that. when. you. were. 12. years. old. and. the. sun. was. shining. and. you. wanted. to. go. play. That radio program made me hate Christianity for a long, long time. {I got over it. Hearing it on the radio tonight made me smile.}

161. Watching our dogs eat frozen carrots. They spend more time watching each other than they do enjoying what's right in front of them. Just like some people I know!

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