Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Seven Small Things #64 - 70

#64. Sleeping through incredible thunderstorms.

#65. Trying Black Bean Veggie Burgers for the first time. Verdict - not bad. . .not bad at all!

#66. The forsythia on the corner of our house blooming with such a yellowness it almost makes your eyes hurt.

#67. Piles of dog food in the middle of the kitchen floor because Sammy refuses to eat out of the bowl.

#68. The process of embracing reading glasses, when every instinct in my body says "just pretend you can still see!"

#69. Sharing.

#70. How, in the process of creating, everyone has the same instructions and everyone makes something unique and beautiful.

1 comment:

SharonP said...

#68 I just realized that I need my reading glasses to weed the garden. That's depressing!