Monday, April 18, 2011

Seven Small Things #50 - 56

50. Making something for dinner that Ali raved over! {grilled tilapia, steamed acorn squash, brown rice and fresh asparagus}

51. Tenth Avenue North on my ipod while Delilah and I walked.

52. That I'm now third in the Biggest Loser Contest. The prize is $190 and since I broke my Kindle last night I really, really, really want to win!

53. The fair trade palm cross we got at church yesterday hanging on the edge of my computer screen at work, reminding me what grace means.

54. All the things that are suddenly blooming, in spite of the temperature only being in the 30's.

55. The puzzle table in the middle of the living room that brings Ali such relaxation.

56. Two little dog noses in the window welcoming Delilah and me home tonight.

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