Thursday, April 07, 2011


Things have just been so out of sorts for the last week or so. No particular reason why. Just a mumble-jumble that isn't particularly interesting or "write worthy."

In no meaningful order –

:: Ali's hCG number is finally 1.1. We have an appointment with the fertility clinic in Toledo in two weeks. Still paying off the last bills but ready to start all over. Getting a new Findlay doctor, that's for certain.

:: Instead of Sweet Pea, we're going to call the next adventure "Morning Glory."

:: Spent Sunday night in the ER with R. He fell and couldn't get back up. He fell again on Monday morning and made a return trip to the hospital. Now he's in a nursing home. Hopefully only for 3o days. I miss my sweet, old friend.

:: As a result I now have only two jobs instead of three for the next 30 days. Why in the heck am I so tired then??

:: We cleaned up the craft room last weekend. It's so organized and tidy now! Every day I think I'm going to go up there in the evening and create. And every evening I go up there and don't know what to do. . .maybe it's all related to my lack of actual writing as well. . .

:: Last weekend I made a most adorable little peacock out of old sweaters, thread, buttons and stuffing. I haven't even taken a picture of her. In fact, I can't remember the last time I took a picture at all.

:: I'm leading a few weeks worth of study on different kinds of prayer for our small group. Last night we discussed, created and prayed breath prayers. It was the first thing I've been excited about in quite some time. It's kind of intimidating leading a group of people who are all smarter than me though. . .

I'm hoping the mumble-jumble straightens itself out here soon. If not, postings might get a little sparse. And more than just a little bit boring!

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