Saturday, March 26, 2011

On! On! U of K

On, on, U of K, we are right for the fight today,
Hold that ball and hit that line;
Ev'ry Wildcat star will shine;
We'll fight, fight, fight, for the blue and white
As we roll to that goal, Varsity,
And we'll kick, pass and run, 'till the battle is won,
And we'll bring home the victory.

The University of Kentucky fight song, On! On! U of K, was written in the 1920s by Carl A. Lambert, first chairman of the Music Department.


SharonP said...

Loved that! How's Ali taking it?

Tanya said...

They are all in mourning. . .not only because Ohio State lost but because, if Kansas beats VCU tomorrow, I win the whole pot of $90! I wore my UK sweatshirt out running errands today. One clerk laughed and said he shouldn't check out my order because of my sweatshirt!

Frank Wilson said...

Who had to sleep on the couch?