Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's Ms. Do-nar To You

We had our first OB-Gyn appointment today. It was with the nurse at the practice where we will be going. Mostly it was just paperwork and talking. As she sat going through the facts on the sheets in her little folder she checked the accuracy of all her information. Names, addresses, emergency contacts, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Then she got to the part about the father and the room got kind of quiet. Her eyes were nervously scanning her sheaf of papers. Finally a look of relief bloomed across her face as she finally found the father's name.

"Oh, here it is! It's. . ."

long pause

"it's. . . Do-nar?" (she dragged out the syllables "doe-naaaaar?")

She looked up, clearly confused.

Ali began to laugh {she couldn't help it}.

"That would be DONOR. . . as in "sperm donor?"

The nurse's face turned red. Both of them started to laugh.

For now, just call me Ms. Do-nar. . .

*the only other interesting thing from this appointment is that on our March 2nd ultrasound we will know exactly how many babies might be hatching in there. . .start prayin' now everybody. . .


Lynda said...

First praying for healthy and safe baby and mama. Now, I vote for 2. One boy and one girl. Thoughts and Prayers to all of you.

Frank Wilson said...

I got a chance to potograph Ali yesterday. She is glowing . . . really glowing!

Ami said...

What are we supposed to hope for? One? Two? Four?

Whichever you'd prefer, that's where I'll send my good wishes.

But I have to tell you that it's easier to just have one at a time.

Trust me.