Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Storm Preparation

Just before the storm was scheduled to hit I went to Arlington to see if R. needed anything. He gets worried about the weather, like most of us are prone to do. When I asked what he needed he said that he was out of toilet paper and that someone told him to be sure and have an extra gallon of milk.

Knowing it was useless to argue with him about the milk (he had about a half gallon) I headed to Arlington's only grocery – the tiny Apple Seed IGA. I could visualize the scene in my head before I got there. . .the milk case would be picked clean and what would I tell R?

Much to my surprise when I arrived, the milk case was fully stocked. There were quite a few folks in line. Slowly, a funny feeling settled over me as I looked around. The twelve other people patiently standing with me all had beverages. They just weren't holding milk jugs.

I looked behind and almost laughed out loud.

There wasn't a can or bottle of beer left in the joint. The beer case was picked clean.

And I thought Arlington was a quiet little town. . .

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