Thursday, February 03, 2011

Looking Up

I am a sun-seeker. I find God in the sky peeling back and when he isn't there it's hard to turn from the curtains framing my view.

Sometimes I just hold the fold of cloth and pray into it, softly, until she appears.

Survival tip for winter melancholy:: Remember to look up. I whisper it to the winter and winter nods her head and – i. look. up.

I walk outside, wrapped in my yellow coat. Snowflakes fall fast and furious. The cold envelops me, wraps me in aliveness and I know in my bones that god holds me here too.

And life returns in fits and starts. And I see the miracles all around me. All because I looked up.


Anonymous said...

What's up with that one sparrow looking the other way? Is that you?

Tanya said...

Most probably! I'm the one in exercise class always doing the exact opposite of everyone else in the room at any given moment. . . =)