Friday, January 07, 2011


Epiphany :: A Christian festival, celebrated on January 6 that commemorates the revelation of Christ to the world. Specifically, the day the Magi found the Christ child by following the star.

Thank God Epiphany has finally come and gone. The twelve days of Christmas are done and the tree and tinsel can come down and get stowed away for another year.

Frankly, I found the whole thing exhausting this year. Sickness, injury, fear, stress and burnout were our gifts. Not to beat a dead horse here. I've whined about it all before. And here's the thing. . .I'm delighted it's finally done.

But I kind of have Epiphany impairment this year. Just not seeing the manifestation of the divine right now. Got no sudden insights or revelations. I'm too tired to give some baby in a manger in Bethlehem much due.

I hope his parents forgive me.

Hey Mary? Joe? Sorry I can't pay attention to your new baby and all right now. You know what I really need? For him to grow up quick and give me a hand here. . .

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Frank Wilson said...

This is such a little known fact . . . Thanks for the reminder.