Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What I Read :: Part 2

A Reliable Wife - by Robert Goolrick
3.5 Stars
Set in the late 1800's, a businessman seeks a "reliable" wife. Not what she seems to be. Suspenseful but kind of slow.

5 Stars
The trilogy of the year. Didn't everyone read these?? Sigh. Loved them!

Presumed Innocent - by Scott Turow
Supposed to be a "classic." I swear I tried, but I just couldn't get into it. Never finished.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - by Stieg Larsson
4.5 Stars
Second installment of the "The" Trilogy. I didn't like it quite as much as the first one, but it's still a heart pounding, page turner!

Little Girls in Church - by Kathleen Norris
5 Stars
A book of poetry by Kathleen Norris, one of my all time favorite spiritual writers. I did not know she wrote poetry so I was thrilled to find this in our library!

Plan B - by Jonathan Tropper
5 Stars
Second Tropper book this year. He's funny and spot-on in writing about dysfunctional families. Four college friends launch a "reunion" to secretly kidnap a drug addicted friend. Loved this one.

New and Selected Poems Volume 1 - by Mary Oliver
5 Stars
If you don't know the poet Mary Oliver, run {don't walk!} She's amazing!

Creating Poetry - by John Drury
3 Stars
Just OK. Nothing too exciting here. Some writing exercises were helpful.

Our Lady of the Forest - David Guterson
2 Stars
I loved some of his other writings but this one seemed extremely slow. The prose was beautiful but the plot was thin.

In The Shadow of Gotham - by Stefanie Pintoff
4 Stars
Mystery. Edgar Award Winner. Interesting and kept my attention.

What the Dead Know - by Laura Lippman
3.5 Stars
After fleeing a car accident, a middle-aged woman with no ID is questioned by both the police and hospital administration. Refusing to reveal her identity (and proof of health insurance), she instead hints that she is the younger of two sisters, Heather and Sunny Bethany, who disappeared the day before Easter in 1975.

Another Thing to Fall - by Laura Lippman
2 Stars
One Laura Lippman book was enough for me. I didn't finish this one.

Starvation Lake - by Bryan Gruley
4.5 Stars
Gus is a small town journalist back from the big city. His hockey coach died in a skimming (riding snowmobiles over not quite frozen lake) accident ten years before on one lake and his snowmobile turns up on a different lake with a bullet hole in the hood. Is it the lake tunnels? Was coach's death not an accident? Gus sets out to find out and uncovers far more in a little town where everyone knows something and few people are saying anything.

The Hanging Tree - by Bryan Gruley
4.5 Stars
Gus is back where he started but, worse, working on a small-town newspaper with a kid boss who sneers at traditional journalism. The action is triggered by a hanging—an apparent suicide by a woman who left Starvation 20 years earlier, was back in town for six months, and then was found hanging from a tree limb.

How To Talk To A Widower - by Jonathan Tropper
4.5 Stars
More Tropper. Just as good {and funny!} as all the rest!

The Book of Joe - by Jonathan Tropper
5 Stars
After vilifying his hometown and its residents in his thinly veiled first novel, Joe Goffman got rich. The book was a hit, as was the movie that followed, but his new Mercedes and swank New York digs can't save him from having to go home again. After his father suffers a stroke, Joe returns to Bush Falls, Connecticut--and to the adolescence he's never really outgrown. With his father comatose, his childhood best friend dying of AIDS, the great love of his life intent on ignoring him, and the entire town furious at him for slandering them in his novel, Joe's got plenty to deal with.

Faithful Place - Tana French
4 Stars
French's emotionally searing third novel of the Dublin murder squad (after The Likeness) shows the Irish author getting better with each book. In 1985, 19-yearold Frank Mackey and his girlfriend, Rosie Daly, made secret plans to elope to England and start a new life together far away from their families, particularly the hard-drinking Mackeys. But when Rosie doesn't meet Frank the night they're meant to leave and he finds a note, Frank assumes she's left him behind. For 22 years, Frank, who becomes an undercover cop, stays away from Faithful Place, his childhood Dublin neighborhood. When his younger sister, Jackie, calls to tell him that someone found Rosie's suitcase hidden in an abandoned house, Frank reluctantly returns. Now everything he thought he knew is turned upside down: did Rosie really leave that night, or did someone stop her before she could?

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