Friday, December 31, 2010

Intentions for 2011

I'm not really much for New Year's Resolutions but I do appreciate clarifying my intentions. Here's my list for the new year.

What's on your list?

15 Intentions For 2011

1. I will not lollygag and waste my days.
2. I will be my word.
3. I will have positive ambitions and attitudes.
4. I will own that I assign my own meaning to events and cimcumstances.
5. I will not feel sorry for myself.
6. I will tie creativity with survival.
7. I will be the change I want to see.
8. I will stake my reputation on my better self.
9. I will be comfortable with the consequences of being who I am.
10. I will share.
11. I will manage my stress, health and clarity.
12. I will study my mistakes.
13. I will retry things I don't like every once in a while.
14. I will make time to enjoy things.
15. I will laugh. Every day.

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