Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Donor 11306

Nothing like sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, picking out some sperm. Does he look like me??


NR said...

You don't really give me a Mark Ruffalo vibe, but he is a hottie. I'm not surprised you found a musician. :-)
Good Luck to both of you!!!

random thougths said...

hmm... for less than half the price per vial, I know a couple of backwoods redneck boys with most of their teeth that might help you out...although, they do believe in teh DELIVERENCE method...LOL Good luck... this choice looks like a winner!

Ami said...

I can't wait to send you something tie dyed for the baby.


Frank Wilson said...

When is all this going to happen?

Nancy said...

And you just add him to the cart like you're on Amazon????????
Is shipping added at the end when you give your credit card number???
This is too wierd even for a child of the 60s-
Love you anyway

Joy said...

I googled 11306 to see if I could find anyone that had used the same donor and your blog popped up. We have a beautiful baby boy, 5 months old, healthy, and happy. My partner and I know the struggle of choosing. We had no idea how hard it was going to be. By the time we finally decided on 11306, we had been through hundreds of profiles from Ca. cryobank as well as Fairfax cryo. We are beyond happy! Good luck to you!