Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Spirit

I took my friend Christmas shopping yesterday. He had his list. I had his funds. We got ourselves to the mall in a timely fashion and hit the sales. Hard. He only asked for two things for himself. Some lunch {it was after 11!} and a cupcake. There was a kiosk of homemade cupcakes run by an older lady who helped him pick a white cupcake with cream filling. You can see by the smile, and the cupcake in his hand, that we had quite a successful outing!

We only had one "incident." We arrived at the mall at 9:50. The stores open at 10:00. My friend has difficulty walking and getting from the car to the doors was a slow, painful process for him. I left him at the mall doors and went to the Customer Service kiosk to get a wheelchair only to be told by the "customer service" ladies that they would not let me take a wheelchair because "we have to open our cash registers and there are other things we have to do first." I politely asked if there was a rental fee for the chair. She heaved a huge sigh and said no. A little less politely I asked if there was no rental fee for the chair why she needed to open her cash register before moving the velvet rope and allowing me to use something that is free.

"Because this is the way I choose to do things and I'm in charge." {bad. answer.}

Even less politely {because you don't mess with my peeps and by now I was angry} I asked her if she had ever heard of the Americans With Disabilities Act and reminded her that the mall was a public facility and that I had a 77 year old man with developmental disabilities standing in the doorway waiting on a FREE wheelchair.

She moved the velvet rope. And then I asked for the name of her supervisor.

All in all, it was a good day. His sense of humor restored my spirit. The ladies at the jewelry store who helped him pick a teddy bear to give to his great-niece reminded me that the kindness in the world still wins over the ugliness.

Being someone who hates shopping, tries to avoid the mall at all cost and struggles with the commercialism of Christmas, I have to admit that I left his house after dropping him off humming carols under my breath.


Frank Wilson said...

Be careful taking shots in the Mall. I've been kicked out twice and told if it happens again I'll be banned from shopping there. Never mind I probably spend $5,000 a year there. My guess is the place is run by Republicans.

Ami said...

I hope you make sure to pass on the info to the supervisor. Stuff like that just pisses me off.Grr.

The smile on his face made the whole thing worth it, I'm guessing.