Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces – Odds and Ends

I've been awake since 3:30 this morning and out of bed since 4:45 so forgive me if I ramble. No particular reason I couldn't sleep. Just my distinct brand of luck I guess. So, in honor of my lack of focus, I will clear my head with a post full of dribs and drabs. {lucky you}

:: I got three affirmatives, two negatories and one maybe on yesterday's post. . .so we're ON!! Ali threatened to boycott the house during the festivities until I told her she could bring her own McDonald's. I think she will show. There's still room for more! I'm thinking next Saturday afternoon? RSVP at your convenience. I'm open for time suggestions. Bring your friends! It's truly a once in a lifetime event! {how about you KK? you two game?? JD - you in?}

:: About six months ago someone very graciously gave us a big screen TV. I didn't want it, but Ali really, really did. From the beginning we've both kind of hated it. It's too big for our house. It dominates our living room. The picture wasn't that great. It's too big for our house. . .did I mention that I hated it?? 'Cause – wait for it – it's too big for our house.

Today there is a cause for celebration! The too big TV has hit the road! Or the driveway to be more precise! Someone from the warehouse where I clean wants it!! {wanna know how I got rid of it?? i told Ali that we didn't have room for the Christmas tree unless the TV went. . .and my girl loves her some Christmas. . .}

:: We're going to see Harry Potter today! {i planned ahead and got tickets online on tuesday.}

:: At 3:30 this morning, when I couldn't sleep, I was trying to figure out how I could make each of our three dogs individually sit for a portrait wearing reindeer antlers. I could arrange the three shots on the front of a Christmas card and call it "Merry Christmas from the Three Stooges!" {do you think that was a 3:30 am delusion or could it be possible??}

{i better stop this miscellaneous rambling before i reveal more of the just plain ridiculous things that sometimes go through my head. . . perhaps i should go lay down. . .}

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NR said...

How are your photoshop skills? My suggestion is get a single picture of each pup and then photoshop them into one. Although, if you try to do all at once please take video and post on youtube.