Friday, October 29, 2010

Want Proof?

So, here's how you know irrefutably, undeniably and with certainty that you have indeed entered middle age – you sneeze. One of those all-the-way-from-the-very-tips-of-your-toes, deep down sneezes. And when you do? You pee just a little. . .

And when you realize that's what just happened you laugh at yourself. You laugh so hard that you pee just a little bit more.

I may or may not have experienced some or all of that for myself.

I'm not sayin'.

{And then, when you think about all this you wonder what in the hell you're thinking when you think about babies at your age. Or, as my good friend Nancy so sweetly pointed out – we will be planning graduation and retirement parties for the same weekend. . .}

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