Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Last Flea Market

Yesterday was the last flea market of the season in Tiffin, our favorite place to find interesting stuff. Just a few photos to commemorate the day.

{rusty old metal stars • these came home with us • there were just enough in that box to have one in every window of the downstairs of our house • it must have been fate!}

{interesting colors and textures}

{cayenne peppers fresh from the farmer's field • now they are drying slowly in my oven, ready to flavor lots of bean soup this winter!}

{loved the cabbages in the old wash buckets}

{any clues??? • my best guess was some kind of bawdy bottle opener?! • it's kind of hard to tell in the photo but her legs are sticking up in the air quite suggestively! • and no. . .this did NOT come home with us!}

1 comment:

random thougths said...

That last pic is actually a Boot Jack. you put your heel of the boot between her legs and step on the body and pull off your boot... at least that's what I've been