Friday, December 04, 2009


Oh the ridiculousness that is my life. . .

It was 27 degrees this morning. The coldest we've had so far. I got in my car to come to work and my driver's door wouldn't latch. I tried to shut it about six times and of course, that didn't work. The easy things never do.

Thinking that perhaps a tool would help the situation, I went into the garage and got a screwdriver. Digging around in the latch I moved the only moving part in there. That made it worse.

By now, I'm freezing. Deciding that a coat and gloves might be in order I went back into the house to retrieve them. There were only two solutions to this problem that I could see – either stay home from work or drive to Bluffton hanging onto the door for dear life.

As much as I wanted to stay home on a Friday, I decided to that it might be kind of exciting to drive 15 miles clutching the door so I didn't fall out.

Like so much of life, what sounds like fun in theory isn't quite so exciting in practice. Turns out it's not all that exhilarating – but there is an interesting principle at play – the faster you go, the colder the air in your car gets; however the faster you go, the less effort you have to exert in holding your door closed!

It's now lunchtime and the kid I called to fix my door hasn't showed up yet. Here's the dilemma for the noon hour – if you go through the drive-thru clutching your door semi-closed, do you actually have to roll down the window to place your order???

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