Friday, October 02, 2009

A Letter from Sammy

dere human peeple in side this kompuuter box thingy,


this is Sammy hear tallking to you. my mom sayed it wood be ok for me too rite to you and tell you what we are going too doo tommarow. we are going four a WALK! and, guess what. its not just any old walk we are going on. no no no. it is a vary spashial kind of walk. its not all those same places that we allways go around the same streets and the same hauses where those same dogs allways bark and bark and bark and bark at me. this walk is at a PARK and it is too myles long and it is with aalot of other doggs who i really, really hope dont bark and bark and bark and bark at me. wait. my mom wants to tell you sumthing and she saays for me to move because a hyperlink needs thumbs. i dont get it butt im moving. but ill bee baaaaaaack. do you get it?? ill be baaaaaaack like that scary man saays! but im not scaary. im nice.

This is what he wants you to know about - The Hancock County Humane Society Dog Walk. And be patient please. He's slow but he's sweet!

im baaaaaaaaaack!! hahahaha! are you laffing too bekaus i sure am! that humane plase is where me and oly came from befour we came heer. they were real, real nice to us. they keeped us safe and warm and they gived us food and watter and toys to play with and they even taked me home to make sure i was okey-dokey after i finally got away from that bad bad bad place that didnt take care of me.

o wate. mom sayed fore me too move again.

im baaaaaaaaaaaack again! anyhoo. this super excitting walk is a good thing for the humane plase and for all the doggies who are still theer. i feel real good that i caan help out them other doggies. but i hope they don't bark and bark and bark and bark at me.

i dont think you have to be a dog or you dont have to aktuly have a super terific dog like me or like oly to walk at the park tomarow. you just have to have some money and not vary much of that. mom said that you also get a free te shirt but im kindof madd about that bekaus the shirt is for human peeple and not dog peeple. but i guess its okay and i stil want too go.

i hope too see you tomarow at the park!

i love you and want to give you kesses!! ttfn. (that means ta ta for now! oly taut me that. he's fancier than me but i love him anyways!)

yure freend,
samson rockefeller weising-pike

ps. you kan rite me back hear and my mom sayed she wood make sure and reed it too me!

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