Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another Letter from Sammy

dere human peeple in side this kompuuter box thingy,


this is Sammy hear tallking to you. agin. my mom said i kuld tell you all about our big walk yesterday. it was realy, realy, realy fun! first of all theer realy was a lot of doggs! i never seen so many doggs in one plase! hear are just a little few of them.

some of them was real nice but some of them barked at me. a lot. i didnt like that so very much. but i was a brave boy and i tried to make sum nu freends. heres one of my nu pals.

i cant remememeber his name but he was even more skared than me. i liked him.

we walked a realy long ways. some of it was threw the woods and some of it was in the open sky plases. we kind of staayed in a long line. that was fun. kind of like a big game of follo the leeder.

after the hole long walk was over we sat down in the gras becuz theer were prises to be given away. my mom sayed it was a raffle. my brother oly got in some truble while we was siting there. he got all ugly and snarley and had to go sit in the kar. but not me i was a good boy. i just sitted there while they was calling out all them numbers. mom was kind of getting upset bcuz she wasnt winnning anithing.

i got real exsited when they were kalling out numbers to win lees chiken. i realy like chiken. mom sayed thats probably what she wood win and she didnt seem to like that to much. i wanted it tho.

we didnt win the chiken. or the dog bool. or the tenis balls. or the money for the beer bar. mom leened over and sayed in my ear that mabe we shud just go home but i told her too wate just a little more. (i was hoping for another chiken ticket!) we got to the very last one and all of the sudden my mom yelled out "thats me!!" and she stuud up and almost ran to the man with the microfone! i thot it was chiken but my mom was to exited for it to be just old chiken.

look what my mom wonned!

its a real pretty bracelet that the man sayed was worth $200! its called pandora and you add beeds and charms. theer is already a dog and a cat on theer. mom just has to add another dogg to make our family komplete!

the best part of the hole day kame after that bcuz my mom was so happy about winning that thing. do you rememember how i sayed that i was kind of madd bcuz the shirts was for the humen peeple and not the dogg peeple? my mom reely does love me. see how much she loooves me?

it was the best day evver!!

love to you and lots of bigg wet kisses,
yur freend furever, (get it?? fur-ever???? hahahahahahaha!)
samson rockefeller weising-pike

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